September 24, 2016

XTV and cCloud Some of the Best IPTV Roku Channels Available Today

Never mind Sling TV, XTV and cCloud Roku Channels let you watch a ton of stuff for free!


XTV has live  TV channels, movies, from around the world. It even has a James Bond channel where you can watch all the James Bond movies. This is my new favorite Roku channel. CBS News has amazing high quality.

XTV and cCloud could be the best thing to come to Roku since Roku porn!

IPTV Roku channels

Lately, these two channels have been getting a lot of attention from fans of the Roku media streaming platform. Because these private channels offer something different from the run of the mill public channels that seem to get released every other day in the Roku channel store. Neither channel contains ads, instead, they are loaded with useful live TV streams from many channels you previously could only find on cable.

If you are a Kodi user, you are probably familiar with IPTV streams. Until now finding IPTV live streaming TV channels on Roku have been pretty scarce.

What is IPTV?

After having watched these channels some of you may be reaching for your phones to cancel Sling TV, Playstation Vue or iStreamItAll accounts. Not so fast, the streams on XTV and cCloud come and go. They are not like a commercial streaming TV service. What this means is they may not always be there. Just because you may be watching your favorite show on one of these channels today, does not mean it will necessarily be there the next time you turn the channel on.

Here is the definition of IPTV from Wikipedia:

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network such as a LAN or the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats.

There are so many Internet streams available online. Because the nature of IPTV it's like chasing rainbows, it takes work but when your find good streams it's like finding a pot of gold.

For those that were familiar with the old C-Band satellites, IPTV channels may bring back some memories.

IPTV - Free TV - Live TV Click Here to Find m3u8 Links


XTV is a fantastic Roku channel that has a ton of great content. You can find many full shows and movies you would never expect to see on a Free Roku channel.

Recently XTV even started offering live network TV channels as well. Although while these are not 100% active all the time, this is a huge bonus to Roku owners that can't receive free over the air channels from an antenna. There really is some great content on the XTV channel, and one of our favorites.


Be sure to add it and check it out, you will be very happy you did.

XTV is a Private channel you can add to your Roku Using the Channel Code: XTVIPTV

cCloud TV

This channel contains live IPTV streams from all over the world. It has been in development for a while, but just until recently, it has finally exploded with hundreds of sources of IPTV content. Most are news, and many are in multiple languages.

cCloud is now out of Beta and the final channel is here.

cCloud channel can be added from the link or private channel codes below:

cCloud TV Roku channel
Add cCloud Roku Channel

For those that like to add channels by code, the Final Channel Code is: "cCloudTV"
The cCloud channel is free and offers some great free IPTV content on Roku!


Another New Channel that has iPTV streams of Movies and TV Shows.

Ashok IPTV Roku Channel

If the public channel is geo-blocked in your country:
Use This Private Channel Code: ashokapps 

Ashok Chowdary features both Free and premium content. Premium members can enjoy a wide range of latest Indian, Telugu, Hindi along with some English Movies along with "Live TV". 

Ashok has generously offered all the extra premium content for an unheard of $10 a year annual membership. He is trying to cover the streaming costs associated with the channel and when enough people have joined he will even offer the channel for free. If you want access to the premium channel, send Ashok Chowdary a PM on Facebook

For more great Roku channels, be sure to see: FilmOn and NowhereTV

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September 22, 2016

Watch Live TV on Roku with these channels

Here's How to Watch Live TV On Roku

These are 12 of the best channels for watching Roku Live TV!

Cord cutters you can still watch live TV on Roku once you quit your expensive paid TV provider. 

If you have access to a cable or satellite account, one of the best ways to watch many of the same channels you had on Cable TV or Satellite is to see our complete Roku Cable TV Channels Guide.

Roku Has Some Great Free Channels For Watching Live TV!

Watch Nowhere TV Roku channel

Nowhere TV Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: NowhereTV has been around a long time and is still one of our most watched Roku channels. This channel is filled with a lot of great content. If you are a News show fan, you will love Nowhere TV. They feature some live content like Adult Swim, plus a few other IPTV sources.

This private Roku channel is Free, although the developer would be glad to accept donations. It's constantly updated and even though it is a private channel, it as good or better than many public channels you will find on Roku.

Be sure to take a look at the Nowhere TV channel, you won't be sorry.

ADD IT HERE: Channel Code: H9DWC

Add Nowhere TV

Watch XTV Live TV Roku channel

XTV Live TV Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: XTV is probably one of the first channels you should add to your Roku. It has an unbelievable amount of live and on-demand content and right now is probably one of the most popular private Roku channels.

While this channel is Free, the XTV developer is also gladly accepting donations. Well worth it as this channel does an excellent job of keeping all the content updated. In fact, almost every day there is something new added.

With IPTV, it's normal to see some live TV channels to come and go. This is something you need to learn to expect when dealing with free private Roku channels versus paid live TV streaming services like some of the premium subscription channels that we will cover down the list.



Watch FilmOn Live TV Roku Channel

FilmOn Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: FilmOn is another channel that also has lots of great live TV content. They carry much of the BBC programming and although some of it is Geo-Blocked in the U.S.A. there is quite a lot of other content to choose from.

Here is another FilmOn Private Roku channel which includes a nice channel guide. Learn more about it and be sure to also add this one... here

FilmOn is a must add channel for those looking to watch Live TV on their Roku.

ADD IT HERE: Channel Code: NMEVA

Add FilmOn

Watch Pluto TV on Roku

Pluto TV Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: While there is really quite a lot of on-demand content on Pluto TV, this channel also contains a small live TV section. These are mostly News shows from Newsmax, Sky News, MSNBC and also a few others.


Add Pluto TV

Channel PEAR Live TV on Roku

channel PEAR IPTV 

Why it Rocks: Channel PEAR is a live IPTV channel that lets you choose from a large list of community provided Live TV Channels. Much like Kodi and Plex this channel gives Roku owners full control on how to customize the channel with preferred content.

The free version only lets you choose from 5 sources and can only be used on one device. A paid account gives you unlimited sources to add and costs $3 a month. It will also work with any number of devices.

You first need to create an account on their website, choose your sources and link your Roku to your account. Visit website:

New sources can also be added from m3u links found online or from Our Custom Search Engine.

TIP: If you are having trouble linking the channel to your Roku, make sure you did not install it on another device or the link code won't come up.

ADD IT HERE: Roku Channel Code: channelpear

Add channel PEAR

Watch News ON

News ON Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: If your Local News Station is a provider News On, is a great way to catch up on your local news without an Antenna.

Not all stations are affiliated. For a much more complete list of News stations... See our Local News Channels Guide!


Add News ON

Want Reliable Full Live TV Channels Without Interruptions?

If you want to watch live TV on Roku that is 100% reliable, a paid streaming TV channel is often the best way to go.

While most of the Free Roku channels mentioned above are great, content comes and goes and is not always as reliable as a paid live TV streaming service.

Sling TV and Playstation Vue offer cord cutters a lot of the same content and user experience as subscribing to cable TV or satellite package. They even cost less than a cable TV or satellite sub so they will still save you some money.

Sling TV Roku Channel

Sling TV Channel 

Why it Rocks: Full Live TV on Roku is now possible with Sling TV starts at only $20 a month for a Cable light package of channels. Additonal channel packages can also be added as well for $5 more.

See our Sling TV Full viewing guide for a list of channels and packages available.
Sling also offers a long list of many Streaming Only International Channels you can subscribe to without a Dish or expensive equipment to buy... See Sling International Channels!


Add Sling TV

Sling Live TV on Roku Channel

PlayStation Vue 

Why it Rocks: At $29 a month Playstation Vue does cost more than Sling TV and does not offer as many channel packages. You can choose from three channel tiers and each one increases the price.

Playstation Vue does offer a better streaming user experience and also comes with a DVR which is very nice for pausing, fast forwarding through commercials and time-shifting live TV programs.

See our Playstation Vue channel guide for a list of channels and packages available.

ADD IT HERE: Compare PlayStation Vue to Sling TV

Add Playstation Vue

USTV Now Roku Channel

USTVNow Live TV 

Why it Rocks: You can install a free trial to this channel on your Roku and watch Free Live TV channels for 45 days. It will give you a good idea of what live streaming TV from their channel is like before you sign up. It was designed to be used for service members overseas but it works great inside the U.S.A provided you follow our instructions when signing up.

See our USTV Now Channels Guide for a list of channels and packages available.
Remember - The USTVNow channel requires a few extra steps to install correctly... See How to Install USTVNow!



Roku Live TV Subscription Sports Channels

Sports can now be watched live and on-demand on Roku with these stand alone Roku channels. They all require a monthly fee but can replace some of the Sports content you may really be missing. Here is a long list of Free Sports Channels you can also add to your Roku.

Watch NFL Now on Roku

NFL Now Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: NFL Fans now you can catchup and watch your favorite teams with the NFL Now Roku channel.

Get the latest scores, view game highlights or watch selcted games live. All viewers can watch their full live stream video feed.


Add NFL Now

Watch ESPN on Roku

ESPN Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: Get access to many Live Sports with the ESPN Roku channel. Now for the bad news, you will need a cable provider or need to subscribe to Sling TV to access this channel on Roku. Also, be sure to try XTV or Channel Pear and you may be able to find some Live streams if you absolutly don't want to subscribe to Sling TV just to watch ESPN.



Watch Fubo TV on Roku

Fubo TV Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: Soccer Fans Fubo TV is the Roku channel for you. Subscribe for $9.99 a month and watch your favorite teams and leagues play from all over the world.

Not all leagues are available click here for more details.


Add Fubo TV

Watch MLB, NBA and NHL TV on Roku


Why it Rocks: MLB, NBA and NHL are all channels that can be added to watch live sports on Roku. Blackout Rules Apply. Click here for an easy way to get around these rules to watch local games.

Premium Roku Sports streaming channels must all be subscribed to seperatly and this can really get quite expensive. Check out these money saving tips to stream NBA TNT Overtime.

ADD Them All Here:

Add MLB   Add NBA TV   Add NHL

Get our Free Roku Channels & TvStreamin Remote Control

This Adult Roku Channel Features Live Shows


September 21, 2016

10 Clever Tricks for Your Roku

We love the Roku here at MakeUseOf. The company’s series of digital media players are currently revolutionizing how we access, watch, and interact with video content on our televisions.

Whether you want to stream the latest news, keep abreast of the weather forecast, or watch music videos from your favorite bands, Roku devices will let you do it.
They’re incredibly easy to set up and use, but you may not know that there are lots of little tips and tricks that will vastly improve your experience. Here are 10 of the best.

1. Private Channels

We have covered private Roku channels extensively in the past. There are lots to choose from, providing you with everything from 24-hour rolling news to classic films.
Adding them is easy: just grab the necessary code from the channel’s homepage, Reddit, or an aggregator site, navigate to your Roku online portal, and click Add Channel. It will become available on your device within 24 hours, and often a lot sooner.
It’s important to realize that these channels are maintained by hobbyists and enthusiasts – and, as such, they are liable to be buggy or stop functioning altogether. Nonetheless, they are a fantastic way of expanding the content available to you and helping you cut the cord in order to save money.

2. Secret Menus

The secret menus are probably the biggest “secret” on this entire list.
They are primarily used for accessing the system’s root settings and altering them to your liking. For example, you can force an update of your device’s software, cycle through the various channel stores, optimize your Wi-Fi settings, or enable the developer mode.
Interestingly, they also allow you to side-load one channel (yes, you can only have one installed at a time). This is great if a mainstream channel, such as Netflix, isn’t available in your region.
Here is a list of currently-working secret menus, though new ones are discovered often:
Home x 5 + FF x 3 + RW x 2: Secret screen one (factory reset, USB test, cycle channel store, update server/software, enable debug)
Home x 5 + U + R + D + L + U: Secret screen two (cycle screenshot, cycle ad-banner, remote auto-pair, log theme info)
Home x 5 + U + D + U + D + U: Wi-Fi secret screen
Home x 5 + FF + PP + RW + PP + FF: Platform secret screen
Home x 5 + FF + D + RW + D + FF: Antenna secret screen
Home x 5 + RW x 3 + FF x 2: Bitrate override
Home x 3 + U x 2 + R + L + R + L + R: Developer settings
Home x 3 + U x 2 + L + R + L + R + L: Channel info
Home x 5 + R + L + R + L + R: Network info
Home x 5 + U + RW x 2 + FF x 2: Reboot Device
Warning One: Messing with these settings could have adverse effects on your device – proceed with caution.
Warning Two: These could stop working with future software updates.

3. Use Your Phone as a Keyboard

The Roku remote is perfect for navigating between channels and playing/pausing videos – but it’s really annoying to use when you need to type anything.
That’s a problem when you need to add login details for Netflix or Spotify, enter your Wi-Fi password, or otherwise engage with your device. Thankfully, Roku makes a great smartphone app for Android and iOS, as well as an app for Windows.
These apps let you use your phone as a keyboard, use Roku Search to find content, and control video playback.

4. Use a USB Stick

The Roku 3 and Roku 4 come equipped with a USB port. This means that if your TV doesn’t have a USB port, or it does have one but it’s awkward to reach, you can still enjoy media that’s saved on portable devices (only MKV, MP4, and MOV video files are supported).

To use it, you’ll need to install the Roku Media Player channel from the Channel Store. Once that’s done, plug in your USB stick, fire up the channel, and use the remote to navigate to the content you want.

5. PIN Protect Your Account

Roku boxes don’t have typical parental controls, but there is still a way to protect your kids from adding unsavory content.

Login to your portal and click on Choose Your PIN Preferences at the top of the screen. You can choose to be presented with a PIN request either when you make purchases or any time a new channel is added (even free ones).
Unfortunately, it does not work when adding content directly from the Web portal, though as long as you have a strong password, that scenario is easy to defend against.

6. Rename Your Roku

Once you have a Roku in your home, it’s tempting to add another. And another. And another. This is especially true if you own several TVs and want the device’s functionality on all of them.
In this case, it’s really important to rename your devices to something logical (think “Kitchen,” “Lounge,” “Harry’s Bedroom,” etc.).
This makes things much easier to manage when adding new channels from a single portal, when using the app, or when you want to cast a video directly from your smartphone to a particular TV.
It’s also extremely easy to do. Just log in to your account, scroll down to the list of devices, and click Add a New Name.

7. Reorder Your Channels

It’s easy to get carried away with adding channels; you can quickly end up with a list that’s spiraling out of control.
Naturally, there will be some channels that you use more than others. It makes sense, therefore, to move these channels to the top of your list or to group together channels with a similar theme.
To move channels around, use the remote to highlight the one in question, press the star on the remote, and choose Move Channel.

8. Stream Your Computer Screen Over Miracast

Another seriously underused Roku feature is its ability to stream your desktop from your computer directly onto your TV. It removes the need for HDMI cables and functions flawlessly.

This feature works using Miracast technology. Sadly, that means Mac users cannot take advantage. However, if you’re on Windows 10, search for Project to a Second Screen, click on Connect to a Wireless Display, and select your desired Roku device.

9. Add Extra Memory

Roku devices have a limited memory. Which, if you’re a channel junkie, means you’re eventually going to hit your storage limit and be unable to add more content.
However, if you own a set top box (rather than a streaming stick), you can add a MicroSD card. Just push it into the slot and follow the on-screen instructions.
Note: MicroSD cards can only be used for storing extra channels – they do not offer a way to store personal media.

10. Add a Screensaver

The final tip on this list involves setting up a screensaver; it’s much nicer than watching the Roku logo bounce around your TV screen whenever the device is idle.

There are hundreds to choose from; most are free, but some cost anything up to $2 apiece. You’ll definitely be able to find something to suit your tastes – whether you want to watch fish swimming around an aquarium, recreate the illusion of a roaring fireplace, or get live news updates from your favorite sites.

What Roku Tips Can You Share?

This article has hopefully given you some insight into the power of your Roku. It’s so much more than Netflix and YouTube, it really can become the hub of your home entertainment.
Of course, we’ve only listed 10 tips. Seasoned Roku users will undoubtedly have lots more tips and suggestions up their sleeves.
If you’ve got some tricks that we haven’t covered, we’d love to hear about them. You’ll be helping out both ourselves and your fellow readers. As always, you can leave your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts in the comments below.


September 6, 2016

20 Private Roku Channels You Should Install Right Now

Roku is a brand of digital media players that can stream a near-endless amount of TV and video on demand.
They come in a variety of different models and specifications, but at their core they all operate in the same way: you add channels and watch the content you want. For this reason they’re a vital weapon in a cord-cutters armory.

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Digital Media Player

I yo
u're thinking about buying your first digital media player (also known as streaming device), these questions will help you to avoid making any grave mistakes. Read More
There are actually two sources of channels. One is the Streaming Channels library on the device itself. Sure, there is more than enough in there to keep you entertained, but the Roku really comes into its own when you start adding private channels.

In this article we explain how to add private channels to your Roku, and recommend 20 of the best that we think you should install immediately.

How Do You Add Private Channels?Before you can add a private channel to your Roku box you’ll need two things:

  1. The channel’s code (we have included the codes in our list below).
  2. A Roku account (they can be set up for free on the Roku website).
Once you have the code and have created an account, it’s easy to then start adding channels.

Head to your account portal and click Add a Channel. Insert the code, accept the on-screen confirmation, and you’re done. Yes, it really is that easy.
The channel should immediately appear at the bottom of the channel list on your Roku’s home-screen. If it doesn’t, you can force a refresh by going to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on the device.
So, now you know how to add channels, you just need to know which channels to add…


1. Nowhere TV (H9DWC)

Nowhere TV is the quintessential private Roku channel. It has been running since 2010 and is the most-subscribed-to private channel by some distance. Cut the Cord Forever With These 15 TV Streaming Channels Cut the Cord Forever With These 15 TV Streaming Channels Cable TV is in decline, as the internet provides cheap, on-demand entertainment. Here are 15 of the best TV streaming services to help you cut the cord. Read More


It streams live TV and free-to-air channels from around the world. The channel line-up varies from time-to-time, but at the moment you can watch entertainment from most local Fox channels, government/politics channels like C-SPAN, and news from NBC and CBS, as well as lots more.


2. FilmOn (NMEVA)

FilmOn needs no introduction. It’s an Internet-based television service which licenses more than 600 global channels along with 90,000 video-on-demand titles. Watch Live TV Online, For Free, With FilmOn Watch Live TV Online, For Free, With FilmOn Watch TV, on your computer – without the need for an antenna, TV card or subscription. FilmOn is a free service offering a wide variety of TV channels in the US and UK. Read More
It’ll give you access to the complete range of over-the-air UK TV channels, as well as a selection of other offerings that range from the incredible (“FilmOn Classic Films”) to the ridiculous (“UFO News”!).


If you create an account, you can also record one hour of video to playback at your leisure.


3. iTunes Podcasts (ITPC)

This channel will let you browse, add, and listen to the entire iTunes Podcast Directory directly from your Roku. 5 Places to Discover New Podcasts That You'll Love 5 Places to Discover New Podcasts That You'll Love Love the idea of podcasts, but have no idea where to get started? Here are five sites that can help you find the best podcasts on the planet. Read More
It’s surprisingly full-featured; it supports multiple search filters, playback recall, and favorites.



4. Television Shopping (TVS)

Admit it – there is something strangely addictive about watching wannabe big-shot presenters on QVC and ShopNBC trying to sell you food processors and exercise equipment.
You can enjoy hours of their attempts with this channel.




5. Dr. Bill Bailey Netcasts (DrBillTV)

Dr. Bill Bailey describes himself as a “computer curmudgeon”. He takes a regular look at all things tech, including the Internet, computers, handheld devices, and cloud computing.


Best of all, he serves it all up with a healthy dose of humor!


6. Saveur Magazine (Saveur)

If gourmet food and drink is your thing, you’ll probably already know about Saveur Magazine. It’s packed with recipes, cooking tips, travel food, and articles about culinary traditions. Love Food & Healthy Recipes? Check Out These Windows 8 Apps 

Love Food & Healthy Recipes? Check Out These Windows 8 Apps Get great meal ideas for all types of diets. With a portable touchscreen device, you can even prepare your meals with your computer in the kitchen! Read More
Downloading this channel will deliver the magazine’s best video content straight to your device.




7. Cowboy Classics (cowboy)

Are you addicted to John Wayne, Butch Cassidy, and Tonto? The Cowboy Classics channel features hundreds of old westerns that’ll keep you going for months.'



8. My Channels (MyChannels)

My Channels is a bit different to the other channels we’ve looked at so far. Its primary purpose is to help you keep your channel list organized. It’s a great idea – channel lists can quickly get out of control when you add a lot of content.


Features include the ability to group channels and to add favorites, as well as allowing for more channels to be displayed on a screen at any one time.


9. Great Chefs (greatchefs)

Great Chefs is a cooking show that used to be on PBS. It has been discontinued, but you can find all the episodes in one place on this channel.
You’ll be better than Gordon Ramsey in no time!


10. Popular Science (Popular Science)

Popular Science is at the cutting edge of technological and scientific news. Whether it’s 3D printing or self-driving cars, you can tune in and stay abreast of all the latest goings-on. 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping: Future or Fad? 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping: Future or Fad? What went through your mind the first time you saw 3D printing in action? Did you think, "Hey that's moderately cool"? Or did you think, "Wow. I could build ANYTHING with that!" Read More
All the videos are in short and digestible chunks, so it’s perfect to dip in and out of.



11. Neon Party Games (H2CLHP)

Neon Party Games does exactly what you’d expect, offering a selection of fun games that can be played by an unlimited number of people via your Roku box.
Download the accompanying smartphone app to use as the in-game controller.
(Note: the channel is still in beta, so could be occasionally buggy).




12. Al Jazeera (aljazzeraenglish)

Streaming a 24/7 feed of the Qatari network’s English-language news channel, this is probably the best and most reliable of the all the news channels.
Unfortunately, it is geo-blocked for U.S.-based users, but if you’re located elsewhere you can watch this at your leisure.
(Note: the channel code is not a typo!)



13. Dream Catchers Multimedia (XRGPXN)

Dream Catchers Multimedia focuses on documentaries, short films, and foreign films. 20 Secret Netflix Codes Guaranteed to Help You Find New Content 20 Secret Netflix Codes Guaranteed to Help You Find New Content Here’s our list of the 20 secret Netflix codes guaranteed to help you find new content. Read More
This is a brand new channel. It only went live on February 18 – but it’s already got rave reviews. More and more new content is being added every day.



14. Capital TV (capitaltv)

Capital TV brands itself as being the UK’s premier hit music station. That’s certainly debatable, but either way this is a live stream of their TV channel, with 24/7 music videos that’ll keep your partying until the small hours. From MTV to YouTube: A Brief History of Music Videos From MTV to YouTube: A Brief History of Music Videos While music videos are mostly viewed on YouTube these days, this is only the latest stage in the evolution of a medium that can be as elaborate as film and as personal as photos. Read More



15. Space Time (CN6MRTG)

The NASA channel in the Streaming Channels library is one of the best stations available, but this private channel takes it to a whole new level.
It features some video content from NASA and from all of the other world’s space agencies, and it’s all neatly categorized into Featurettes, Deep Sky, Solar System, Space Travel, Historical, and Astrophysics.




16. Goats Live (GoatsLive)

No, this isn’t a joke – it really is a channel about live goats.
Sure, it sounds ridiculous, but bear in mind that it was recently listed in EarthCam’s “25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2015”. There is also an accompanying YouTube channel.
As one viewer said, you simply “can’t get enough of goats in a tree”.



17. Wilderness TV (fl821095)

Sticking with the theme of the outdoors, the Wilderness Channel features live videos from the National Parks Service and Parks Canada, as well as masses of TV content about the North American countryside.
It also includes occasional survival videos.



18. Update My Channels (UpdateMyChannels)

Update My Channels is another admin-based channel. If you install lots of private content, it can be annoying to either wait 24-hours or perform a power cycle just to get them to show up on your channel list.
This removes the hassle – open the channel and it will refresh your entire list. Simple!



19. Silent Movie Channel (ROLLEM)

We live in an age of crash-bang-wallop Hollywood blockbusters and big-budget cinema. Wouldn’t it be nice to return to the golden olden days?
Well, maybe not. But you can at least see what those days were like with this channel. It features hundreds of silent movies, featuring everyone from Charlie Chaplin to Greta Garbo.



20. Relax Time (VRQHQ)

Is day-to-day life all getting a bit too much? Do you wish you were relaxing on a tropical island somewhere? Sadly, Roku isn’t quite advanced enough to physically transport you there, but it CAN mentally transport you there.
This channel features loops of turquoise waters, palm trees, and gentle waves – as well as some other genial environments.

What Are Your Favorite Channels?

Those are our pick for the top 20 private Roku channels, but there are thousands more available.
The important thing to realise is that Roku private channels have something for everyone. If you’re not using them, you’re seriously limiting the enjoyment you can get out of your device and limiting its potential.
If you want to do some more of your own research and discover some different content, head to or and check out their regularly-updated lists.

Which private channels do you watch every day? How do you discover new ones? Let us know all your tips, recommendations, and thoughts in the comments below.Source:

September 4, 2016

Free Streaming Music Online: The Top 15 Websites

Music is the universal language, and with the amazing convenience of the World Wide Web, more music is available to us than from ever before in human history. From classical rock to alternative to baroque instrumentals, it's possible to find free streaming music on the Web that will cater to virtually any musical taste. In this article, we'll look at the top fifteen sites for free streaming music, sports, news, talk shows, and much more. Wherever your taste may lie, you're sure to find something to meet your needs in one of these offerings, and all of these are available to listen to via your computer or mobile device.

1.  Google Play

Google Play gives listeners the chance to upload and store thousands of songs from their own collections for free, create playlists, and listen to hundreds of thousands of songs in a huge variety of genres. You can listen for free to the Google Play radio offerings; users have the ability to subscribe which makes the experience ad-free.  More »


hype machine

2.  Hype Machine

If you're looking for something to expand your musical tastes, Hype Machine is a great choice. This innovative site gives listeners the ability to find new music via people who are writing about the music that they love - all in one place, rather than skipping from site to site.   More »


3.  Shoutcast

Shoutcast gives listeners the ability to listen to over 70,000 stations in a huge variety of genres, from Alternative to Talk to Holiday. However, that's not the only thing you can do with Shoutcast - if you want to start your own radio station here, you can, with free broadcasting tools made available by the Shoutcast service.  More »



4.  Accuradio

Accuradio makes listening to music online simply fun. They offer the standard genres of music, but they also offer enjoyable "channels" that change every so often and are a great way to discover new music.  More »

Slacker Radio

5.  Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio gives users the ability to search by artist or song and stations will be suggested, with the ability to craft that station into exactly how you'd like it to be. There are different payment levels available here, but most of the features are absolutely free and listeners can take advantage of hundreds of stations.   More »



6.  iHeart Radio

Think of the sort of music you like, and iHeart Radio will suggest stations for you based on your preferences. You can also use iHeart Radio to listen to local stations all over the United States and Mexico, create stations based on popular artists, or discover top podcasts on a wide variety of subjects.  More »


7.  TuneIn

TuneIn gives users the option to listen to radio stations, talk shows, podcasts, and much more. Over 100,000 radio stations, live shows, and lots of other content are available here for free, including sports, news radio, and talk shows.   More »


8.  977Music is 100% free for listeners, and you can listen to as much music for as long as you would like. There are hundreds of channels here programmed by listeners, and they are available wherever you might have Internet access - both home and work.  More »


9.  RadioTunes

RadioTunes is one of the most popular streaming music sites on the Web. You can filter your musical tastes by Style (Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening, Top Hits, etc.), and Channels (80's, Mostly Classical, Oldies, etc). There are seemingly unlimited stations to listen to here, and listening is free (must sign up for a free account).  More »

10. is a great service; you can access all sorts of global broadcasts here, from the BBC World Service to Radio Swiss Classic to CBS Dallas. More than 30,000 radio stations, online radios and podcasts are available here to listen to within the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and more.   More »

11. offers listeners the ability to not only listen to and discover music, but also visualize the listening habits and musical trends that the Last.FM musical community is listening to. It's an interesting way to see what other people are listening to.   More »


You can listen to's stations right within your Web browser, just like all the other streaming music websites on this list. There are only a limited amount of stations here, within highly specialized genres - jazz, chill, indie folks, etc - all featuring a very California-like vibe. Soma is especially popular with people looking for background music for tasks that require concentration.  More »

Public Radio Fan


PublicRadioFan is a massive collection of stations around the globe. You can search by schedules, time zones, station call letters, and more.  More »



14.  Pandora

Pandora lets you create your own radio station, from music that you choose, and then you can continue to improve upon the service's selections as it plays for you. Thumbs up for something you like, thumbs down for something you don't. More »


15.  Spotify

Spotify is somewhat similar to Pandora, at least in concept. Spotify functions more of a platform on which you can install and use different musical applications, such as Billboard's Top Picks, Rolling Stone Music, Share My Playlists, and Digster. You can listen to entire albums without paying for them (with only limited commercial interruption), create playlists, share your favorites with others, and more. Radio stations are also available on Spotify, but you create them yourself from songs you already like. More »


Honorable Mention:

With thousands of radio stations around the world, there is something here for everyone.